I like Sonos. I do. I do hate the default Sonos app icon for the Sonos desktop app though. Here is how to change it to the same app icon that is used in iOS.

Sonos app icon fixFirst download this file and unzip it. Inside you’ll find two files which I conveniently prepared for you.

Now open the file “Sonos icon” inside with Preview and press CMD-A and then CMD-C to copy it to the clipboard. Open the Applications folder again, select the Sonos app by clicking it once and press CMD-I to show the info window. Now select the small icon in the top-left by clicking it once, and press CMD-V to change the Sonos app icon.

You’re not done yet. When browsing your apps you’ll see the new Sonos icon, but when opening it will change into the old one. To fix this, go to your applications folder in Finder, right-click the Sonos icon and choose “Show package contents” (“Toon Pakketinhoud” in Dutch).  Navigate to Contents -> Resources and replace the “SonosMDCR.icns” file in there with the one you downloaded.

Now (re)start the Sonos app, and enjoy a normal looking Sonos app icon 🙂




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