Elegant iPhone 6 Plus dock for 3D Printing

Because I couldn’t really find a design I liked on Thingiverse, i decided to design my own. I designed it with Colorfabb Woodfill – a wood like material – in mind, because since I finally got it to print, it’s by far my favorite material to print with. Surfaces get really smooth, and if you print at 0.15mm layers, sloped surfaces also look very nice. The roughness of the material is very forgiving, and at the same time it makes the design look really finished and professionally produced. Of course you can print it in any material, but I think it looks best in Colorfabb Woodfill.

The iPhone 6 Plus dock has space for the original charging cable and has channels for the microphone and speaker at the bottom of the phone.

Supports are not needed to print this design. The channels are optimized for this, and your printer shouldn’t have a problem with bridging the small gap behind the connector.

If you want to print it you can download the design on Thingiverse.

If you want me to print it for you, you can order it through my hub on 3DHubs: download the design through thingiverse and upload it on 3DHubs.



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  1. Barber Avatar

    Top design! Zodra ik de 6 Heb, bestel ik er een bij je!

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