Printing with Colorfabb Woodfill on an Ultimaker 2

3DHubs Marvin printed at 200% scale with 0.15mm layer height.

When I ordered my Ultimaker 2, I was very excited about all the special filaments out there. Woodfill was my favorite. There was only one issue: It didn’t print. It got stuck in the nozzle every single time. I used the profile found on the colorfabb website, tweaked every single aspect of it but it simply wouldn’t print.

Finally with some help of the 3DHubs community and a print-buddy I managed to create my recipe for successfully printing Colorfabb Woodfill.

Torso printed at 0.2mm layer height.

Now for a special filament like Woodfill you have to change some settings on the Ultimaker 2. First of all the material settings, which you can set and save. Secondly you need to change the retraction settings. Sadly, you can only change these as part of the ‘Tune’ function during printing. This means that you have to change these every single time.

I found a solution to that. If you change the ‘Gcode flavor’ setting of your printer in Cura to Reprap (Marlin/Sprinter) you suddenly get the option to set printer temperatures and retraction settings in Cura. Now I personally don’t want to always use this, so I added a second machine to Cura with this setting.

To do this, go to ‘Machine’ –> ‘Add new machine’ and add a second Ultimaker 2. You can change the name to something like ‘Ultimaker 2 Reprap’ or whatever you like to distinct it from the default Ulitmaker you already had.

Schermafbeelding 2015-02-27 om 19.42.03Schermafbeelding 2015-02-27 om 19.42.31After this, switch to expert settings, and you’ll see that you have many more settings available.


Now download and unzip this file for my two Woodfill printer profiles.

Now go to ‘File’ –> ‘Open Profile’ and open the file for 20um or 15um. You’ll see that the settings change. Here are the settings for 20um (0.20mm):

Schermafbeelding 2015-02-27 om 19.43.44Schermafbeelding 2015-02-27 om 19.43.49Schermafbeelding 2015-02-27 om 19.43.56I’ve also added two lines to the starting gcode. One to bring the nozzle to front, and one to extrude 30mm of material before starting to print. This is essential, since without this your first layer will fail the first time you try.

Now open your stl in Cura and simply save the gcode. Don’t forget to enable supports when necessary. When starting the print you will get a warning that this print will override your printer settings. That is ok.

I’ve printed 3 objects without failure with these settings, and the fourth is printing as we speak.

Printing Colorfabb woodfill on Ultimaker 2

**Disclaimer: Use this information / profiles at your own risk**






5 responses to “Printing with Colorfabb Woodfill on an Ultimaker 2”

  1. […] my own. I designed it with Colorfabb Woodfill – a wood like material – in mind, because since I finally got it to print, it’s by far my favorite material to print with. Surfaces get really smooth, and if you print […]

  2. Régis Fanjat Avatar

    Thank you very much for your tutorial and the profile you are sharing.

    I am now using it successfully with the easywood coconut from formfutura. After many fails with my own settings, you saved me a lot of time!

    This is so usefull I wish to translate it in french and put it on my own website, with links and credits to you of course.
    Do you allow me to do that?

    1. Björn Avatar

      Glad I saved you some time 🙂 Feel free to translate and publish. Credits appreciated.

  3. Alex Avatar


    Do you heat the bed, or use some sort of adhesion?


    1. Björn Avatar

      I heat the bed at 60 degrees and usually add 3Dlac or buildtak.

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