How to create real color Game Boy Camera photos

Shortly after I wrote on this site how you can create fake Game Boy photo’s, I finally got the link cable I needed and made an Arduino based printer emulator to get my photo’s to my Mac. Of course I started shooting a lot of photo’s (and made a dedicated instagram account) in black and … 


Generate a fake Gameboy Camera Photo

Learn how to create a gameboy camera photo without an actual gameboy camera.


Best console quality iPad Pro games

A curated list of great console-quality iPad Pro games without In-App-Purchases


Learning Blender

Although I haven’t been working in the field for the last 12 years, I actually graduated from TU Delft as an Industrial Design Engineer. Mainly the 3D CG work always interested me, but I never took the time to do something with it and the software needed always has been very expensive. And there was … 


Install WD Blue M.2 SSD into MacBook Air mid 2012

The MacBook Air mid 2012 is still a very capable notebook for everyday use. When my wife ordered one in 2012, we thought that a 120GB SSD would suffice, but times have changed and so has the size of IE. digital photo’s. Time to upgrade the SSD! I got my hands on a brand new … 


Download all files from Blackvue dashcam to your Synology over Wifi

To archive all files from your Blackvue cloud-enabled dashcam to your Synology NAS without removing your SD card, simply do the following: 1. Connect your Blackvue dashcam to your local network using its cloud feature. 2. Find the IP of your Blackvue dashcam by checking the dhcp settings from your router, or by using an app … 


Hembrug, Zaanstad

Foto expeditie Hembrug Zaanstad. Oude artillerie / machine fabriek.


Inimini H 4″ 180mm race quadcopter

Hoeveel fun kun je hebben? Een 180mm Inimini H frame van dquad met 4 Tiger 2300kv 1806 motoren en 20A Littlebee ESC’s. Absoluut een aanrader! Meer info op  


Elegant iPhone 6 Plus dock for 3D Printing

Because I couldn’t really find a design I liked on Thingiverse, i decided to design my own. I designed it with Colorfabb Woodfill – a wood like material – in mind, because since I finally got it to print, it’s by far my favorite material to print with. Surfaces get really smooth, and if you … 


Printing with Colorfabb Woodfill on an Ultimaker 2

When I ordered my Ultimaker 2, I was very excited about all the special filaments out there. Woodfill was my favorite. There was only one issue: It didn’t print. It got stuck in the nozzle every single time. I used the profile found on the colorfabb website, tweaked every single aspect of it but it simply …